Hey there! This is my first venture into translating business, and while I mostly translate by using mtl, I will still edit them and make sure they are readable. And to make them readable and easy to understand, sometimes I will use my own style to get the message across. If you guys spot any mistakes, such as grammar or maybe the nuances (like using polite form or dialect) are wrong, then feel free to tell me and I will do my best to fix them! Thank you for your support!


I’m going to take down all the R-18 novels

Yeah, unfortunately. I’m sorry that this is so sudden, but Oedo Umeko-san (the author of all the stories) asked me to take them down. This is also my fault since I translated them without permission, and I had apologized to the author. Before I translated them, I wanted to get her permission, but at that time I didn’t have the mean to contact the author (in novel18 the authors couldn’t be messaged). But now she had a twitter account and I immediately contacted her. And, I promised to take her stories down, so I’m sorry for the readers of MaguToro and Stepbrother’s diary. You can read the rest of the stories from the source here: MaguToro  Stepbrother’s Diary